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Dear Friends, You may have noticed. It has been a long time since the web page of the National Organizers Alliance (NOA) has been updated. Several years ago, NOA went through a difficult period from which it never really recovered. We had tasks to complete and we are now in the final wrap up of the organization. In 2011, we closed enrollment in the National Organizers Alliance Retirement Pension Plan, which had over 60 member groups at one point. We began the long process of getting out word to those with funds in the Plan to move them to other funds. In some cases, it took more than a year to track down pension holders. Sometimes, they did not know they had funds saved in the Plan. We also wanted to make sure that when the NOA 501 c 3 corporation closed, it would be done honorably with all bills paid. It took a little while. We were touched by how many people came forward knowing our condition and gave money and member donations. There really are only two activities of NOA left today: 1. National Organizers Alliance on Facebook is busy with 933 participants as of March 2, 2015. 2. Organizers for America,, our free career service which had 218 job listing as of March 2, 2015. … and there are still resources packed away on this web site. We have added an announcement about the future of that service. We thank the University of Maryland for archiving so many photographs and other legacy items of NOA. The National Organizers Alliance officially began in 1994 though discussions went on before that. We had some of the most creative national conferences of community organizers ever held. We raised the profile of the profession. We saw a former organizer become President of the United States. Today, a former organizer is running for Mayor of Chicago. It was a good run. We regret that NOA is closing but we are proud of work we did and that organizers today continue to do in a thousand ways. The National Organizers Alliance may be passing but the challenge of community organizing is as great as ever. Don’t mourn, organize! Walter Davis, President National Organizers Alliance

Link here to Organizers for America, NOA's career service.


Mentor Tool Kit Now Online

Now Available for Download: Mentor Tool Kit for Social Justice Organizers provided by National Organizers Alliance. Michael Jacoby Brown and Walter Davis edited this booklet with stories from a number of organizers. Download here.

Click here.

New discussion eNews produced by Michael Jacoby Brown, Organizers' Edge, sign on,

The Social Justice Salary and Benefits Survey 


The Social Justice Salary and Benefits Survey 2012 is a collaborative project of RoadMap Consulting, National Organizers Alliance and the DataCenter. The survey aimed to collect information on compensation and personnel practices of organizations in the social, economic and environmental justice movements. For a free copy of the executive summary of The Wages of Peace and Justice, click here. The full PDF report is available for the purchase price of $75.00 from Roadmap Consulting.   


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