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Insurance Benefits by Choice

Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance Options

Community organizers and the groups where they work are struggling to provide or maintain benefits. NOA has been looking for membership benefits that could help address these concerns. We are not able to provide members with a health insurance program nor other insurance options.

Benefits by Choice, a commercial service based in Virginia, is offering a web portal for NOA members where you can look for insurance options for individuals and where groups can discuss group plans. You can do a comparison search for health, dental, vision, and life insurance among various carriers. There is also a pharmaceutical discount plan. In states where allowed, Benefits by Choice can guarantee health insurance (depending upon the level of deductible and other factors you choose).

Until national health insurance for all is a reality, this link provides a set of choices you might not find otherwise. Benefits by Choice wants to hear from you about the service.

We know that healthcare needs will only be solved by a comprehensive national program. We encourage you to support national healthcare reform. In the meantime, Benefits by Choice may be able to help you to fill the gaps.

Learn more about Benefits by Choice.

The National Organizers Alliance is not an agent of Benefits by Choice nor of the companies accessible through the Benefits by Choice site. We are not respnsible for any agreements you may make with vendors. NOA does not receive compensation for sales of policies through Benefits by Choice.

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