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Books for Organizers


Working Across Generations: Defining the Future of Nonprofit Leadership

Written by Building Movement Project authors Frances Kunreuther, Helen Kim and Robby Rodriguez, this book offers a comprehensive approach to looking at leadership and generational shifts in the nonprofit sector. It includes:

  • Fresh perspectives and practical advice on how to work across generational divides;
  • Research findings, real-life stories, useful charts and exercises; 
  • Stories and case examples from across the country; and 
  • Recommendations on how individuals, organizations and the nonprofit sector can all play an important part in paving the way for more vibrant and expansive leadership in the nonprofit sector

More about Working Across Generations

The Accidental American

The Accidental American vividly illustrates the challenges and contradictions of U. S. immigration policy, and argues that, just as there is a free flow of capital in the world economy, there should be a free flow of labor. Authors: Rinku Sen is president and executive director of the Applied Research Center (ARC) and the publisher of ColorLines Magazine. Fekkak Mamdouh is cofounder of the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) of New York and codirector of the Restaurants Opportunities Center United.
More about the Accidental American 


Wage Theft in America

In what has been described as “the crime wave no one talks about,” wages are stolen from millions of workers in the United States ever year. Between two and three million workers are paid less than the minimum wage. More than three million are misclassified by their employers as independent contractors when they are really employees, allowing employers to shirk their share of payroll taxes and to illegally deny workers overtime pay. Even the Economic Policy Foundation, a business- funded think tank, estimated that companies annually steal 19 billion dollars in unpaid overtime.  Author, Kim Bobo.     More about Wage Theft in America


Starbucks: Conscience, Capital Cappuccino

This book invites us to reflect on how we define and practice our values in the global economy from the vantage point of our morning java and presents a refreshingly different look at the company that changed the way the world drinks coffee. This provocative and witty book by Kim Fellner, NOA's founding executive director, is a fun read--and a great holiday gift for your favorite caffeinista. Order at your favorite bookstore or through Powell's.   Read an article on this book featured in ColorLines' website. 


We Make Change released

NOA member Joe Szakos and Kristin Layng Szakos' book We Make Change: Community Organizers Talk About What They Do - And Why is now available from Vanderbilt University Press. We Make Change explores different styles of organizing through the voices of people working in the field, and features many NOA members. Order a copy online or call 800-627-7377.


Building Powerful Community Organizations: a Personal Guide to Creating Groups That Can Solve Problems & Change the World

A guidebook for people who want to make a difference in the world and know they can’t do it alone. This book, with stories, personal exercises and lessons learned, provides detailed information to help you build a new group or strengthen an old one to solve problems in your community, workplace or the world. Auther, Michael Jacoby Brown, a veteran community organizer and NOA board member has published an exceptional book on community organizing.   More about Building Powerful Community Organizations

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