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Kamau Marcharia Smeared Again

NOA founding board member Kamau Marcharia has come under attack again. In April 2007, we updated you of the obstacles he has faced. His life story is one of dignity and integrity in the face of unprincipled attacks and a flawed legal system. You can read “A Lifetime of Social Justice Leadership” in our archives. Once again, we need to show our support of an ally who has so often lifted others.

Kamau is currently running for the South Carolina State Legislature in Fairfield County.  Once again, an entrenched system of power is engaging in well-worn and discredited rumors, race politics, and outright lies. You can draw your own conclusions about the life of Kamau Marcharia. Read “The story of Kamau Marcharia (a.k.a. Robert John Lewis)” by Kevin Alexander Gray from Ebony magazine.


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