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Labor & Community Solidarity Actions Across the Country

We salute the people organizing in every corner of that state. This is not a union battle alone despite the media coverage. It is about threats to public education,social services, the environment, and the quality of life in that state. The community groups, faith-based organizations and unions of Wisconsin have stood up for all of us. We encourage you to learn more about the struggle. You will be touched by what is going on there. Go to solidarity page.

You can sign on to the AFL-CIO Blog to get breaking information and news from Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and the many other fronts in the effort to defend basic organizing rights for working people.
Wisconsin AFL-CIO provides information on how to be involved in support of Wisconsin's working families. Go to AFL-CIO web page here.

We Are Indiana! You Tube video of March 10 rally.

Voces de la Frontera has done a great job first in helping launch the campaign to try to stop Wisconsin Governor Walker from returning federal money for mass transit. And they have been involved, from day 1, supporting the public employees who are fighting to preserve their collective bargaining rights. They reached out to the Equality Wisconsin to give them rides (and in the past did joint voter registation and get-out-the-vote together). If you know people who want to support the workers in Wisconsin, then one thing they can do is send money to Voces to help pay for buses. VDLF is taking up collections but ultimately is spending thousands every day that they had not budgeted for but are gladly doing because they believe in solidarity and they know this is urgent and historic.
People can go to their website and click on the donate button. Or write check and send: Voces del la Frontera. 1027 S. 5th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204 You can receive Twitter alerts at 40404.
Voces de la Frontera is Wisconsin's leading immigrant rights group - a grassroots organization that believes power comes from below and that people can overcome injustice to build a better world.
Workers’ Centers in Milwaukee and Racine support immigrant and low-wage workers through legal clinics, ‘Know Your Rights’ trainings, English classes, Citizenship classes and more.

Campaigns on civil rights and social justice issues have mobilized thousands to take collective action - and members have become leaders in community organizing.
Legalization with a path to citizenship
Advancing Workers’ Rights
Organizing against No Match letters
Job preservation and creation
Get Out The Vote
Education rights and youth organizing
New Sanctuary Movement


Statement by Interfaith Workers Justice: Stop Attacking Workers
Go to IWJ Website to get updates on Wisconsin and the struggle unfolding elsewhere.


Jobs With Justice – for a list of local actions across the country: Jobs With Justice – go to the JWJ website and sign the following community statement:
Community Statement of Support of Workers and Communities in Wisconsin

Statement of Support:
Governor Walker and the politicians in Wisconsin are playing the same old game, attacking firefighters, nurses, teachers and other public employees. Governor Walker has refused to even hear the workers’ proposed compromise; he just wants to pay back his corporate CEO friends and punish his political opponents. Governor Walker’s proposals are a deliberate attack on the rights of public employees and will do damage to the quality of public services that the people of Wisconsin need and deserve.

People all over the country are standing up and speaking out against these attacks. In Madison and cities and towns across the nation, tens of thousands of people have come out to stand up for people who work hard for a living and make our communities safer and stronger. In Wisconsin and in a lot of other states, it's time for the politicians to start working together to create jobs. It’s time to stop the partisan attacks and work together to rebuild the middle class.

I/We stand with Wisconsin to hold politicians accountable to creating jobs and providing much needed public services, not attacking nurses, teachers, and other public employees. We need our elected leaders to work together to create jobs and strengthen our economy, not wage partisan attacks on Middle Class families to score political points with big donors.

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