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Occupy Movement!

It has been a year of constant struggle in almost every state legislature and in many local governments and school boards. Attacks on basic civil rights, hard won social benefits, collective bargaining of public employees and human rights protections have been too common. We have seen anti-immigrant, racist and anti-choice initiatives, as well as the assault on academic freedom on a growing number of campuses, The attacks have been relentless. Yet, progressive groups, community organizations, unions, faith-based groups and coalitions have done remarkable jobs of resistance and have even turned back the attacks in some instances. Resistance unleashes unexpected events. As the fall begins, actions to challenge Wall Street greed and Washington inaction spread across the country. Actions are taking a form that is different from what we are accustomed but movements aren't creatures of textbooks. New movements are at times messy, at times awesome and they present a new moment of hope. The energy unleashed can be a force that grows to fill a vacuum and push back against cynicism. Find out what is happening in your area by going to the Occupy Wall Street! blog. There are great new video resources being generated across the land. Good coverage of events can be found on Democracy Now! New video and online tools are emerging plus some new releases serve the movement well. Here are some new video resources. Ry Cooder - "Wall Street Part of Town"
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