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NOA Retirement Pension Plan To Close at End of 2011

The Board of Trustees of the National Organizers Alliance Retirement Pension Plan regrets that it will close the Plan on December 31, 2011, subject to appropriate regulatory steps. This date will allow groups and individuals to move their funds in an orderly fashion in early 2012.

The National Organizers Alliance Retirement Pension Plan (“the Plan”) has been sustained by subsidization of the parent organization the National Organizers Alliance for years. For most of the decade the National Organizers Alliance has provided the organizational infrastructure to support a low cost retirement pension plan for community organizers. In 2008, we developed steps to move towards self-sustaining policies and costs over a five year period.

The 2008 economic crash happened before we could implement the changes necessary. We kept costs of the Plan down in order to provide organizers a needed benefit. By carrying the administrative workload we enabled a group plan to serve member groups in a fashion not easily available otherwise. We can no longer carry the administrative overhead expenses of the Plan (now running at least $80,000 per year). The 2008 economic turmoil did more than impact the employer contributions to the Plan assets. Member groups have yet to fully recover from the economic setback in grant revenue and individual donations.

NOA itself faced such a setback. Since our goal of raising Plan administrative fees were stymied so was our capacity to expand the Plan. We are proud that we sustained the Pension Plan through a crisis in the economy and now see its benefits above the pre-2008 level. Plan assets were available for those who needed emergency funds or those suddenly out of work. Funds have remained safe for participants. During this recession, the benefit of a pension plan was obvious with emergency funds available for non-pension loans. Funds were available for retirees and people who faced layoffs.

We are proud that we managed to sustain the Plan to the point where it has reached an important milestone in our agreement with Lincoln Financial. In April 2011, we marked the 5th Anniversary of the Lincoln Financial relationship. After that date, employers will be able to change services either within Lincoln or to other investments without an institutional penalty. As always, the individual funds remain safe and secure.


The National Organizers Alliance Retirement Pension Plan ended December 31, 2011. Member groups and individuals as appropriate were assisted with their plans for where to locate their funds.

The National Organizers Alliance is no longer the Pension Plan sponsor.

For information about your funds and arrangements, contact Lincoln Financial




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