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Stand With LAANE

Community organizing groups carry a huge burden. Too often they are facing harassment that takes time and resources away from their important work. We want to call your attention to one group: LAANE. LAANE is facing a threat from the right and from political operatives serving some powerful interests. “LAANE is a leading advocacy organization dedicated to building a new economy for all. Combining dynamic research, innovative public policy and the organizing of broad alliances, LAANE promotes a new economic approach based on good jobs, thriving communities and a healthy environment.” The lives of hundreds of thousands of people are better because of LAANE. LAANE fights for a New Economy for All and this seems to have upset some elite power brokers.

Madeline Janis of LAANE in a statement issued June 20 wrote, “The attack against LAANE is consistent with the broader effort by the right to cripple progressive causes and leaders. And as the recent assault on Planned Parenthood reminds us, they are willing to do almost anything to achieve their aim.” Get the story of the good work of LAANE and how to pushback against the threat from the right.

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