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Gulf Coast Solidarity After Katrina

Years pass but we have not forgotten our friends, family, and comrades in the South and Gulf Coast Regions. There is still need for solidarity for progressive community organizing groups and service providers who work for both short-term and long-term justice for People of Color, low-income families, LGBTQ communities, and others that face unique and disproportionate challenges now and in the years to come. These institutions were fighting for better housing, transportation, education, job creating, legal services, and more before the hurricane. They are organizing now, and will be organizing in the months and years to come.

Follow these links to find more information on how you can help. We've tried to avoid duplication; this is a clearinghouse to sites that have more detailed lists or are able to take donations directly for redistribution. Send us corrections to the links.

Community Labor United Leaders of CLU have set up a People's Hurricane Fund that will be directed and administered by New Orleanian evacuees. Money donated to this fund will pay to coordinate activities directed at helping the evacuees in the shelters today, reuniting and rebuilding families, and making sure the reconstruction of New Orleans meets the people's needs. They need your help right now. Click here to read their press release, action alert, and principles of unity.

Southern Partners Fund The "SPF Justice Fund for Katrina Relief and Renewal" is aimed at providing short-term relief, mid-term assistance, and long-term support for community renewal. A major part of the fund's strategy will be to provide baseline support to grassroots community organizations located in the affected areas of LA and MS to regain operational capacity.

Mississippi Workers' Center for Human Rights Mississippi Workers' Center has set up a relief fund which will be used for the purpose of providing relief to hurricane victims. The Center is a worker advocacy organization that provides organizing support and legal representation for low-wage, non-union workers in MS.

LGBT Relief Fund "Hurricane Katrina LGBT Relief Fund" was started in partnership with many organizations around the country including COLAGE  and NYAC (TheNational YouthAdvocacy Coalition). It will ensure that LGBT youth and families, facing unique vulnerabilities, receive the critical support they need to regain stability in their lives. These funds will be distributed directly to local organizations in the best position to ensure strategic and high-impact disbursement of the emergency funds.

Twenty-First Century Foundation 21st Century Foundation has created a Hurricane Katrina Recovery Fund to provide targeted support to rebuild the lives of displaced low income people impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Donations to the fund will be used to provide strategic grants for relief, recovery and advocacy efforts that promote long term equitable solutions. The Twenty-First Century Foundation is a national public foundation created to promotestrategicphilanthropy by the African American/Black community.

Jewish Fund for Justice and The Shefa Fund Working in partnership,these two groups are leading an initiative to address the injustices suffered by those in the Delta. As a first step, they have establisheda dedicated fund focused on relief AND redevelopment, getting money quickly to respected community-based organizations that work with low income populations. Please visit their website to donate to this fund. and Hurricane Katrina's toll on communities, homes and lives has devastated the nation. has launched a national housing drive to connect your empty beds with hurricane victims who desperately need a place to wait out the storm. You can post your offer of housing (a spare room, extra bed, evena decent couch), and search for available housing online.Spanish-speaking and immigrant-friendly households are especially needed as immigrants may be hesitant to access government services.

The Lousiana Environmental Action Network has been empowering citizens and local community groups for over twenty years to fight the environmental destruction caused by the petrochemical industry. LEAN was getting much needed supplies to some of the hardest hit communities before the Red Cross or federal government. Find out more about their work and donate by going to their website.

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