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About NOA

NOA’s mission is to advance progressive organizing for social, economic and environmental justice and to sustain, support and nurture the people of all ages who do it. In furtherance of that goal, our members are organizers who are responsible to a defined constituency and who help build that constituency through leadership development, collective action and the development of democratic structures.

If your work or efforts are to build democratic structures and leadership to empower people to gain social and economic justice, and you:

  • Want to build a community of organizers;
  • Seek greater connection between your work and the work of others;
  • Want to share skills, join forces and advance the movement;
  • Want to consciously combat oppression in all its forms including racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and other “isms” that divide us;
  • Crave a culture of organizing where we can get together to learn and share, commiserate, laugh, sing, acknowledge our personal needs and spiritual selves and have a really good time…
Then you should join the National Organizers Alliance.
You can contact us by email or by writing to National Organizers Alliance, P. O. Box 342, Alcoa TN 37701. Or phone 865-705-8912

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